DJ Imran

Creating Memories That Last a Lifetime!

Experience the Magic of Emotions Through the Sound of DJ Imran

Imran Ismail, also known as DJ Imran, was born in Karachi, Pakistan. From a young age, he developed a passion for singing and acting.

Imran has always been captivated by stories of love, humor, and enchantment and those themes have heavily influenced his music preferences to this day. He has always been drawn to romantic soft music, ghazals, and semi-classical music, even though he didn’t know much about “sur” and singing at the time.

However, his passion for music was not always supported by his father, who was strict about his involvement in music and singing. He would often say, “Kya mirasi banain ge baray ho kar?” and “Agr aas pas Bhi nazar aye na in mirasion ke to khal utaar doon ga aap ki”.

Despite this, Imran continued to pursue his passion for music. After his father’s passing, he was going through his diary and stumbled upon some heartwarming comments about his singing. It turns out that his father appreciated Imran’s mature choice of songs, the softness in his voice, and his performances even at a young age. Reading these words gave Imran an overwhelming sense of gratitude and encouragement to keep pursuing his passion for music.

Imran has a passion for music that has kept him committed to his craft. Through his love for music, he has honed his skills to be able to talk to you about your dreams and love stories. His selection of music has the power to make you fall in love all over again, whether you are currently in love or have lost your love.

Listening to Imran’s songs will bring back memories of the magical moments you shared with your beloved; transporting you back to those cherished times. With his artistry, Imran aims to evoke emotions that transcend time and space, leaving you feeling inspired and renewed.

As a singer, Imran possesses an impeccable grasp of “Sur” and “Taal,” making him the perfect collaborator for your events and Karaoke Nights. His expertise in music allows him to effortlessly navigate the selection of songs for your event, ensuring that the music aligns with the theme and ambience you desire.

Imran does not endorse loud music that drowns out other sounds, instead focusing on curating an atmosphere that will evoke an emotional response from you and your guests. With his music, Imran strives to create a captivating experience that immerses you in the moment and leaves you with a profound sense of connection.

Imran finds the most joy in meeting new people, travelling to new places, and making a significant contribution to his clients’ special occasions. He understands the importance of having the right music at your event and allows you to request and select the songs you and your guests want to hear.

Imran believes that everyone should have a beautiful and memorable event. His exceptional DJ and MC skills have earned him referrals and recommendations from wedding planners, venues, caterers, photographers, vendors, and satisfied clients.

Imran’s ultimate goal is to transform your dream wedding into reality. He achieves this by providing his clients with planning advice, consultations, site visits, and meetings before their events. He covers all bases and ensures that your business transaction with him runs smoothly from start to finish.

Nothing delights Imran more than seeing his clients and their guests enjoying their favorite dance tunes at their events. Even when the audio sounds perfect, the wireless mics work flawlessly, and he exceeds expectations in every other aspect, Imran genuinely enjoys helping to create successful events.

Despite being new to the world of sound, music, and light, Imran has had the honour of working with some esteemed individuals and organizations. Alongside providing sound for many Shadi Events and Karaoke Nights, he has been the preferred sound person for Helping Hands Georgia and has worked on various events organized by Helping Hands USA, including corporate fundraising Iftari Dinners and Amjad Islam Amjad Mushairas.

One of his most cherished memories is providing sound for the Pakistani legend, Alamgir, at a private event.

Imran has also provided sound for the “Get the Vote Out Rally” held at the Center for Civil and Human Rights, featuring Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad and Aseela Rashid. Additionally, he worked on a live ghazal event with Vishal Vaid and Amjad Ali Kawa on Tabla, which was organized by Mr. Saeed Raees and Dr. Gulshan Harjee.

Other notable events he has worked on include the Graduation Ceremony for Georgia Islamic Center and Musallah Masjid Suwanee with Tariq Siddiqui, Omar Ishaq, and Mumtaz Bashir Ishaq.

Since he started in 2016, he has been providing sound for Al Falah Academy fundraising Dinner every year. Be sure to check out Imran photos and music section.

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